digital product generation platform

Empowering entrepreneurs, startups, and developers to simplify and accelerate digital product creation by automating routine tasks like coding, design, and documentation.

What you can generate without limit:

Websites and applications

Mobile apps (iOS, Android)

Any online services

Information systems and databases

Online platforms (delivery, marketplaces, banking)

Media content (blogs, online courses)

Games and entertainment applications

Chatbots and other AI-based solutions

Two tiers of product generation

For simple solutions

non-technical specialists

1. Use our cloud, ready-made templates, and components for rapid application assembly.

2. Simply assemble elements like puzzle pieces, with no coding.

3. Access over 40 add-ons that cover 95% of required functionality.

For complex solutions

designers, architects, developers

1. Architecture design (C4 model): Create scalable application architecture using "Architecture as code". Generate technical and app specifications, project documentation, and user instructions.

2. Rapid prototyping: Easely generate interactive prototypes to test concepts and gather user feedback. We've implemented "Design as code" in the atomic design concept. Learn more

3. No-code interface: The integrated no-code UI editor allows you to create attractive and functional application interfaces. Customize widgets and utilize ready-made components. However, if you need to add additional features or customize the application to specific requirements, you can easily integrate your own code.

4. Low-code backend: Develop the application backend with minimal coding using Autopilot or ChatGPT. Create models, tables, API integration, and other backend components quickly and efficiently.

Open ecosystem & community


ALTRP is built on popular open-source tools such as Linux, Nginx, Docker, PostgreSQL, Node.js, and React.js. The platform is open-source and distributed under the GPL3 license. We believe in collaborative development and encourage community participation in platform improvement.

Now, only two people are needed to create and launch digital products

Product Manager

Works with clients to understand their needs and ensure quality at every stage.



Uses automated tools that rapidly generate prototypes, layouts, documentation, configure backends, and assist with promotion.


Benefits of using ALTRP


1. Reduced development time: ALTRP accelerates digital products development with over 10x reduction of idea to launch time.

2. Cost minimization: ALTRP significantly reduces the cost of digital products development, allowing companies to save up to 90%.

3. Unlimited growth and scalability: ALTRP tools make it easy to scale digital products from startups to large projects.

4. Global impact: ALTRP makes digital product creation accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide, enabling them to launch innovative services and platforms and bring positive change to the world.

Focus on what really matters

1. Concentrate on your core business and leave the technical details to ALTRP.

2. Rapidly build and launch digital products without wasting time on secondary tasks.

3. Join the ALTRP community and gain invaluable experience from creators of various digital products.


Start creating digital products with altrp today!